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Viral Nation Talent is the #1 talent agency for today’s digital stars.
Check out what we’ve got going on at VidCon in Anaheim from June 21 - Jun 24, 2023


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Room 211 AB

Social video’s impact is far-reaching; it’s even crucial for mainstream celebrities to control their brand and engage fans on their own terms. With limited time and content creation skills, many partner with studios to produce, distribute and promote their long-form social content. Take a look at how these studios turn mainstream figures into digital stars and what both sides have learned from the process.

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Room 303 AB

The sports creator community includes talented stars who have never played their sport professionally, but have more cultural cachet than the pros. For brands, sports creators, spanning dunk experts to NIL college athletes, unlock access to dedicated fans and are a sustainable alternative to pro athletes. Learn how sports creators are becoming key for brands looking to maximize their next campaign’s ROI.


Room 211 AB

As the pool of opportunity widens for creators, the team driving monetization and the expansion of your brand is more important than ever. Learn how to choose the right team for your goals and which services are actually geared for creator growth. Hear from Viral Nation creators who have successfully diversified their brands and the industry professionals who helped them do it.


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